MPX International Enters Into a Licensing Agreement with Blackhawk Growth Corporation for Innovative Edibles

TORONTO, ONTARIO, April 8, 2021 – MPX International Corporation (“MPX International”, “MPXI” or the “Corporation”) (CSE:MPXI; OTC:MPXOF), a multinational diversified cannabis company, is pleased to announce that it entered into an IP licensing agreement (the “Licensing Agreement”) dated March 18, 2021 with Blackhawk Growth Corporation (“Blackhawk”) (CSE:BLR; OTC:BLRZF), an investment issuer in health sciences, cannabis and CBD industries in both Canada and the United States. Pursuant to the Licensing Agreement, MPXI has been granted an exclusive, irrevocable license to manufacture an innovative line of shelf stable cannabis edibles that do not require refrigeration, including infused cheesecake, sorbet and soft chewables (the “Licensed Products”).

MPXI’s wholly owned subsidiary Canveda Inc. (“Canveda”), a license holder under the Cannabis Act (Canada) (“License Holder”), has entered into a manufacturing agreement dated March 22, 2021 with Canngroup Development Corp. (“Canngroup”), another License Holder, whereby Canngroup will manufacture the Licensed Products on Canveda’s behalf. Specialized equipment has been installed at Canngroup’s licensed facility in order to maximize production while maintaining stringent quality standards.

The Licensed Products are expected to be sold under the Corporation’s recreational brand Strain RecTM to the provincial authorities as well as through other distribution channels available to Canveda.

“We were looking for an edibles partner for our Strain Rec™ brand and we immediately recognized the potential of Blackhawk’s products. We are pleased to be able to offer these products for sale through various provincial regulators and expect them to be very well received as there is a demand for progressive edibles products and these products meet this criteria.” said Michael Arnkvarn, Chief Operating Officer, Canada of MPXI. “We will commence our initial deliveries of certain SKU’s before the end of April and these products will strengthen our place in the recreational market”

“I am thrilled to bring our innovative products to market with MPXI,” said Frederick Pels CEO of Blackhawk Growth Corp. “This is a truly needed product in the Canadian cannabis marketplace. Spaced Food has created a shelf stable solution in a product Canadians will be excited for.

About MPX International Corporation

MPX International Corporation is a multinational diversified cannabis company focused on developing and operating assets across the international cannabis industry with an emphasis on cultivating, manufacturing and marketing products which include cannabinoids as their primary active ingredient. With current operations spanning four continents in Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, Malta and Australia as well as evolving partnership and distribution opportunities in other jurisdictions, MPXI continues to position itself as an emergent global participant in the cannabis industry.